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DeepDyve publisher partners

DeepDyve is a trusted partner to the world’s leading scholarly and professional publishers who wish to broaden the dissemination of their journal and e-book content through our innovative rental service. Today, scholarly publisher sites receive over 2 billion visits per year from users who are unaffiliated with an institution yet convert less than 0.2% into a purchase or subscription. DeepDyve’s service is designed for these ‘unaffiliated users’ who need an easy and affordable access to authoritative information vital to their careers.

DeepDyve’s industry-exclusive article streaming service allows these users to read the full-text of an article. The article cannot be printed or downloaded and it expires after a certain period of time depending on their account plan. In effect, by exchanging reduced price for reduced access, DeepDyve is able to meet the primary needs of its unaffiliated users with a new access model that is truly complementary to those offered by the publishers.

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