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DeepDyve Welcomes John R. Ellis and Joseph J. Esposito to its Advisory Board

MARCH 17, 2009 - Sunnyvale, CALIF - DeepDyve (formerly Infovell) today announced that two visionary executives have joined the company's Advisory Board. John R. Ellis and Joseph J. Esposito bring decades of thought leadership to DeepDyve, each with expertise in areas of vital importance to DeepDyve, as the company seeks to extend its leadership in Deep Web search.

"We're privileged to have John and Joseph sitting on our Advisory Board," said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. "DeepDyve will greatly benefit from their vision and experience as we continue to transform the way people search for research on the Internet."

John R. Ellis

John R. Ellis led a dramatic turnaround at AltaVista in the earlier days of consumer Internet search. His deep expertise in both search and advertising were integral to AltaVista's success as he and his team pioneered new consumer search experiences and core search technologies, laying the foundation for an eventual $140M acquisition by Overture, and then Yahoo!. After departing AltaVista, Ellis co-founded Turn, the world's first smart market for online advertising.

"When I joined AltaVista in 2001, search was still in its nascent days, as the major search engines jockeyed for market share in a quickly-changing market," said Ellis. "In many ways casual search is at parity today, and the future of search lies in niche markets like Deep Web search. DeepDyve is well poised to lead in Deep Web search, and I'm excited to play a role in the continued evolution of the search industry."

Prior to AltaVista, Ellis was an entrepreneur in residence at New Enterprise Associates. In addition, he held executive-level positions at Post Communications, Netcentives and Open Market. As a researcher, Ellis spent more than 15 years at Xerox PARC, Digital Equipment's Systems Research Center and at Yale University. He received a BSE from Princeton University and a PhD from Yale University, and his thesis won the 1985 Association for Computing Machinery Best Dissertation Award and was published by MIT Press.

Joseph J. Esposito

Joseph J. Esposito brings to DeepDyve a keen knowledge of the publishing and information industries. He began his career in publishing, amassing experience that is especially relevant to his role at DeepDyve, as the company works closely with the publishing community to broker mutually beneficial ways to make the publishers' assets available to DeepDyve's users. Over the years, Esposito helped many companies make the often-painful transition to the digital marketplace - such was the case when he was CEO of Encyclopedia Britannica. At a time when nearly all encyclopedic assets were in hardcopy, Esposito implemented a digital strategy that led Encyclopedia Britannica to become the first major encyclopedia to go digital.

"The hardcopy-to-digital shift that I spearheaded while at Encyclopedia Britannica is emblematic of what is happening with research information today," said Joseph J. Esposito. "The Internet has dramatically changed how people discover, consume and share information - and this is especially true when it comes to the Deep Web. DeepDyve is making great strides to unlock the Deep Web, and I'm excited to join the company's Advisory Board and help in that endeavor."

Esposito left Encyclopedia Britannica in 1996 and later became CEO of Tribal Voice and SRI Consulting, as well as interim CEO of Coriolis. He is currently president of Portable CEO, an independent consultancy that provides strategic guidance to companies large and small. He gained his publishing experience at Simon & Schuster and Random House, focusing in the areas of consumer information publishing, education publishing and technical publications. Esposito is a graduate of Rutgers University, where he earned his AB, MA and MPhil degrees in English and American literature.

About DeepDyve

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