DeepDyve and CiteULike Partner to Streamline Access to Scholarly Journals

DeepDyve’s $0.99 Rentals Now Available on CiteULike’s Popular Bookmarking Service

JANUARY 14, 2010 – Sunnyvale, CALIF — DeepDyve and CiteULike announced today that the companies are collaborating to deliver a superior way to easily and affordably share and read scholarly information on the Internet. CiteULike’s web-based service is widely used in academic and professional circles as a way to store, organize and share scholarly papers. Through its partnership with DeepDyve, CiteULike now offers its users a simple way to rent and read the journal articles they discover for as little as $0.99.

With nearly one million visitors per month, CiteULike is a rapidly growing community of like- minded people who seek out scholarly information on the Internet. With one click, users can bookmark articles of interest into their personal library and automatically save the citation details. Users can also share their library with others, as well as find out who is reading the same articles.

“Our community is made up of researchers, knowledge workers and lifelong learners who are always looking for ways to access information more easily,” said Kevin Emamy of CiteULike. “CiteULike enables the management and discovery of highly relevant scholarly papers, but our users often struggle to find the full text of these articles on the web. With DeepDyve, users can now quickly and affordably rent and read the full text of authoritative articles from DeepDyve’s growing collection of scientific and scholarly journals.”

“DeepDyve and CiteULike are both dedicated to making scholarly information more affordably and easily available,” said William Park, CEO at DeepDyve. “We are delighted that CiteULike chose to integrate our rental service as a way to enrich their users’ experience.”

CiteULike users will have the option to rent articles that appear in DeepDyve’s extensive database of journals for $0.99 effective immediately. The full text of rented articles can be read repeatedly for up to 24 hours. And for those users who want to rent a higher volume of articles or would like longer-term access to their articles, DeepDyve offers subscription plans for as little as $9.99 per month. Those who are interested in DeepDyve’s subscription plans are encouraged to sign up for a free 2-week trial.

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About CiteULike

CiteULike is a social bookmarking service that helps people store, organize and share research papers. When browsing any major online database of papers, users can automatically add articles to their personal library. CiteULike’s social features mean that users quickly and easily discover new and relevant research. Online since 2004, CiteULike has grown to become a popular and trusted resource for researchers worldwide.

About DeepDyve

DeepDyve was founded in 2005 by scientists who shared the vision of simplifying the research process. Through direct collaboration with the industry's most prominent and well respected publishers, the company now offers the world's largest online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research with more than 30 million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. DeepDyve is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Shanghai, China. The company is privately held and backed by high-profile angel investors.