Caltech Alumni Association Selects DeepDyve to Provide its Members with Affordable Access to Scholarly and Professional Journals

DeepDyve Provides Post-graduation Access to Wealth of Research Publications

FEBRUARY 22, 2010 – Sunnyvale, CALIF — DeepDyve announced today that it has been chosen by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Alumni Association to provide members with access to DeepDyve’s extensive catalogue of scholarly and professional journals. As part of this agreement, the Caltech Alumni Association will promote the DeepDyve service to the entire population of approximately 22,000 alumni.

“Our students enjoy access to an extensive collection of journals and reports, but upon graduation they confront the steep cost of purchasing for themselves these same publications,” said Andrew Shaindlin, executive director of the Caltech Alumni Association. “DeepDyve should be an excellent solution for many of our alumni, as it preserves access to a large number of journals, at a fraction of what it would cost alumni to purchase their own subscriptions.”

Students at Caltech and other academic institutions have free access to a range of journals in their field of study. After leaving the university, however, former students lose their online institutional access and must begin bearing the cost of reading such journals – costs that can exceed $30 per article, or up to thousands of dollars for an annual subscription. DeepDyve squarely addresses this need by providing graduates with journal access at a substantially reduced cost.

“At DeepDyve, we’re committed to giving hungry minds easy and affordable access to the scholarly works that further their professional and personal endeavors,” said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. “The Caltech Alumni Association shares our passion, and we’re proud to work alongside the Association as it takes innovative steps to provide new and important benefits to its members.”

Beginning in March 2010, Caltech’s alumni association members will have the option to subscribe to DeepDyve’s monthly Gold plan at a discounted rate. With the Gold plan, users will be able to rent as many articles as they choose with no expiration dates. Those interested in learning more about DeepDyve and its available services are encouraged to sign up for a free 2-week trial.

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About The California Institute of Technology Alumni Association

The mission of the Caltech Alumni Association is to promote the interests of Caltech in setting a world standard of academic excellence by strengthening the ties of goodwill and communication between the Institute, its alumni, and its students, and by maintaining programs to serve their needs.

About DeepDyve

DeepDyve was founded in 2005 by scientists who shared the vision of simplifying the research process. Through direct collaboration with the industry's most prominent and well respected publishers, the company now offers the world's largest online rental service for scientific, technical and medical research with more than 30 million articles from thousands of authoritative journals. DeepDyve is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices in Shanghai, China. The company is privately held and backed by high-profile angel investors.