DeepDyve Expands its Service to Include PDF Downloads

Industry’s Largest Online Rental Service Now Offers Discounts on PDF Purchases

May 30, 2012 — Sunnyvale, CALIF — DeepDyve, the industry’s largest collection of rentable, peer-reviewed journal articles, today announced major updates to its service. Most notably, the company now offers the ability to purchase discounted, downloadable PDFs, making DeepDyve the one-stop destination for unaffiliated researchers (so-called “knowledge workers”) to search, rent and now purchase articles in life sciences, technology, medical, and business journals. The company also unveiled a number of enhancements to its monthly plans, and established corporate pricing that enables affordable, company-wide deployment of DeepDyve’s service.

“DeepDyve’s rental service has grown dramatically since its inception, and in that time we noticed usage trends across our user base, and we also received some very constructive feedback from users on how to further improve the service — today’s news is a reflection of those key learnings,” said William Park, DeepDyve’s CEO. “The ability to rent and purchase articles adds an entirely new dimension to DeepDyve, and we feel it greatly expands our potential customer base and will lead to aggressive growth in 2012 and beyond.”

Purchase Articles via DeepDyve

Users have long wished for the ability to quickly read and sample an article before making the larger investment to purchase and download the PDF. DeepDyve now provides that flexibility via a single, convenient interface. With DeepDyve’s monthly subscription plans starting at just $5.99, users will receive 20% discount coupons each month that can be applied to the purchase of PDFs. Even users who aren’t signed-up for monthly subscriptions will receive 50% off their rental when they rent and later decide to purchase an article.

Roll Over Unused Rental Tokens and Discount Coupons

Another improvement to DeepDyve’s monthly subscriptions is the ability to roll over unused rental tokens and PDF discount coupons. While some users have very predictable rental habits, others have needs that fluctuate greatly. Rollover ensures that unused rental tokens and discount coupons can be stockpiled and used in future months. This feature is especially well suited for users with project-based needs, or anyone whose research needs change throughout the year.

Group Plans

DeepDyve now offers group plans for companies of all sizes wishing to make DeepDyve’s vast library of articles available to their employees. Start-ups and small workgroups can opt to bundle together multiple Silver or Gold accounts, which are prepaid annually and sold at a discounted rate. Larger companies may opt for full corporate deployment, which can scale to include hundreds of employees across multiple locations. Group plans are tailored to suit the needs of each company, and DeepDyve provides guidance to match each company with the most appropriate plan. To learn more, visit:

About DeepDyve

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