DeepDyve Rolls Out New Workflow Tools for Scientific and Scholarly Research

Free Researcher Tools Seamlessly Integrate with Google Scholar and PubMed to Streamline the Search and Curation Process

Redwood City, CA – May 16, 2018

DeepDyve today unveiled a new suite of researcher workflow tools designed to streamline the scholarly literature search and curation process. These tools are freely available as part of the DeepDyve Freelancer plan, and also included in DeepDyve Pro, the subscription-based online rental service for scientific and scholarly research. While DeepDyve Pro is designed for researchers in small to mid-sized organizations who do not have institutional access to peer-reviewed content, DeepDyve Freelancer is suitable for any researcher who routinely uses PubMed and Google Scholar. With today’s launch, these powerful new tools are immediately available to DeepDyve’s 1.5 million registered users.

“Search, Organize, and Access”

Based on surveys and interviews, DeepDyve found that nearly all of its users followed a similar process in how they conducted the initial phases of their research - run searches, save results, read and filter articles, repeat. However, these same researchers were frustrated by the lack of tools to organize this critical and time-consuming process, often relying on a patchwork of applications from MS Word to Notepad to simply keeping open dozens of browser tabs. With its latest offering, DeepDyve delivers a service to centrally initiate and manage the literature search and curation process:

  • Search - using its latest plugin, DeepDyve automatically saves all DeepDyve, PubMed and Google Scholar searches and clicks - all in one place. View your historical activity to see your bread crumb trail of research.

  • Organize - create Lists and Bookmarks to organize and manage your literature research projects. Export citation data to popular reference managers. View all your saved items and favorite journals in your My Library personal dashboard.

  • Access - while DeepDyve Freelancer users can take advantage of these search and organizational tools for free, DeepDyve Pro subscribers ($49/mo, $360/yr) can close the literature search loop with unlimited access to DeepDyve’s 18 million full-text articles spanning nearly 15,000 journals.

Google Scholar and PubMed Integration

DeepDyve also released the latest version of its proprietary browser plugin that integrates Google Scholar and PubMed activity with a user’s DeepDyve account. Searches conducted at those sites are automatically saved in My Library, and users can add any Google Scholar or PubMed article result to a DeepDyve List for future reference.

“Integration with Google Scholar and PubMed is an important innovation for our users as they can now save disparate third-party data and aggregate it into their DeepDyve libraries,” said William Park, CEO of DeepDyve. “While there are many tools available for users downstream in the research authoring process, we believe there is an unmet need in the earlier stage of research which involves the iterative, often messy process of searching, evaluating and filtering results into a short list of influential articles.”

To learn more about today’s announcement, please visit These new features are available for free by registering for a DeepDyve Freelancer account, as well as by signing up for a 2-week free trial of DeepDyve Pro.

About DeepDyve:

DeepDyve is a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company’s mission is make research more simple and affordable with a suite of workflow tools, as well as DeepDyve Pro, the largest online rental service for scientific and scholarly research with access to over 18 million articles from nearly 15,000 peer-reviewed journals. The company has partnerships with the world’s leading academic publishers, including Springer Nature, Reed Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford University Press and many more. Learn more by visiting us at, and follow us on Twitter (@deepdyve) and Facebook (


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